How It Works


A 3D model of your house

Following the initial presentation, Design Expert creates a 3D design based on your feedback.

Make your design final.

The 3D drawings will be presented to you for approval, with any necessary iterations.


We begin acquiring materials.

Our professionals begin acquiring all of the supplies needed for the factory’s production to start.

Prepare for the installation

After 30 days, our artists finish their work and prepare for installation.


Sending out and installing

All of the products are shipped from the factory and merchants, where they are installed once they get to your house.

Check for Quality Assurance

A Quality Assurance check is performed when the installation process is finished.


Site Examination

We do a site inspection once all the products have been installed to make sure everything is up to pair.

Turnover finished

Your fully furnished home is delivered to you together with an official handover paperwork a warranty and a service letter.

Trust our team of Experts



We choose vetted experts with a range of experience for all of your design requirements.

Project Managers

people who are in charge of all the little aspects of your initiatives.

Design & Delivery Experts

Trained executives that collaborate with you to realise your designs.

Innovators in R&D & Technology

Mad-hatter impersonators out to create things that did not exist before.